TG microscope mode limitations?

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Re: TG microscope mode limitations?

Thanks for that useful info; and for those fine macro shots.

The TG series of cameras do seem a very practical way to get very good macro pics without a ton of specialist gear that also needs to be lugged about and laboriously set up. The lack of those few features I'd like in the TG-4, though, means I feel the need for that TG-6, which seems to be the version containing all the fixes to those TG-4 lacks. Selling the TG-4 on ebay to help fund the purchase of a TG-6 still seems to be the most effective option (cost and practicality-wise) to pursue my new-found macro-lust.

I also discovered a bit of useful info in the PR blurb issued by Olympus for the TG-6, concerning the focussing when in focus stacking or focus bracketing modes:

"Focus stacking mode captures multiple shots while automatically shifting the focus from the foreground to the background.

With a single shot, this function [focus bracketing] captures up to 30 images while shifting the focus from the foreground to the background".

So, in both modes, the best technique will be to make sure the half-press of the button gets initial focus of the wee square on the bit of the subject that's closest to the lens. I'll be using the focus bracketing mode in preference, as this seems to be the mode that allows use of RAW in the TG-6, as you mention. Photoshop tools for resolving a group of focus bracket shots into one deep-DoF pic via layers are quick and effective. RAW will give loadsa editing scope.

I notice that the TG-6 also has a larger microscope magnification mode (44X max as opposed to the TG-4's 11X). The claim is that this captures details that the human eye alone can't resolve! A true microscope, then.

Perhaps Olympus will also have got rid of the lens' inclination to paint a purple splotch on the pic when certain lighting conditions are encountered? With care (and RAW manipulations of various kinds) half decent landscape pics can be got out of the TG-4 - if the purple splotch stays away. I'm hoping the TG-6 will be equally capable or better.

Once more, thanks for your help.


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