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khunpapa wrote:

If I were you, I'd try the second hand Nikon 1 (& adapter) first. With it your (100-)400 would behave like the 1000mm. Better image quality than Pxxx.

You'll have the AF problem. The Nik1 & F lens quarrel to each other since Nik1 is born til the day it dies. The 1000mm EFL also has a lot of AF problem in itself too, same as the other ultra-long telephotos. The unperceptable movement may cause the lens aiming point move 2-3 inches away.

For my part, I can only say: been there, done that, didn't like the results. I had a J5 and still have a V3. Put both of them on the Sigma lens, which looks a bit silly but works (see image).

Problem is, for small birds, which the OP is looking to shoot, focusing this combo is a nightmare. The body is way too light for the lens, so the combo is very front-heavy. Getting the bird in focus before it is gone became fiendishly difficult. When it works, the results can be surprisingly good (see example).  I even took this combo along on an international trip, but I kept missing so many shots I eventually gave up on the combo.

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