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Re: not perfection is what is needed

lmans100 wrote:

Gary Martin wrote:

Old Ricoh User wrote:

Ants Mani wrote:

Old Ricoh User give the anger/disappointment game away it serves little purpose

As for the article well its just someone who’s preconceived idea of Daido Moriyama didn’t come up to expectations.

As for the site well its a part of a money making concern and not much of a resource for matters photographic

It was also his attitude towards photography, book publishing, and time.

There is no where good to turn to for "matters photographic" anymore. It's all become crap.

I wouldn't go that far, I enjoy Lenscratch, Conscientious Photography Magazine, American Suburb X, and Landscape Stories quite a bit. Lots of good work on those sites, IMO.

The problem with those publications in my thinking is that the photo's are too perfect... If a photo isn't perfect anymore in 'all respects', people bash it. So that leads to too much time concentrating on the post photo and not enough time enjoying and appreciating the actually photography aspect.

my thoughts

I'm not familiar with many of these journals, however Conscientious Photography didn't strike me as you describe. One antidote is to just launch one's own photo journal. I'm thinking about it.

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