Is a new Nikon flash still expected in 2019?

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Re: Is a new Nikon flash still expected in 2019?

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What a lot of irrelevant bubble in that video...

I mean, I asked a simple question about the AF assist beam in that Godox you have and said that it has AF assist beam. I repeat the question:

Does it work with the Nikon Z, or only with DSLRs? The answer is yes or no.

As a lot of things in life the answer isn't a simple yes or no.

True, but this question should have been easy to answer with a yes or no since he says he has that Godox and also claims to have a Z. No need to link to a long and boring video.

After reading Nikolaj's statement, I had the same thought as you. How is it possible, that the AF assist beam work with his kind of transmitter, but not with the X-Pro which I have?

Well, his statement was a bit confusing and he didn't clear it out, but I think it works only with DSLRs, just like the other similar AF assist beams. I also have one (not Godox) and even that one has a red beam, but of course, it is not switched on by the Z7.

Of course it is not possible, otherwise Godox would have updated all their updatable controllers so they will work with the Z series.

Summary from the video... The AF assist light on the flash didn't work on mirrorless (it doesn't come on). But he was able to put the Godox X-1 trigger on a Sony ML camera and the AF assist light worked. He said the Sony combo was the only one that worked for him.

I don't know. I was also able to get Godox AF assist light to come on with Fuji as well. I can't remember if it was only the trigger or from the flash as well. The gotcha from the Fuji as I remember it is the AF assist light only comes on when it thinks it's dark enough to need the AF assist.

I haven't tried with Nikon Z.

Probably Sony and Fuji work completely different from Nikon. The old Nikon shoe had a dedicated pin for the AF assist, but now it's controlled through the same data pin as everything else in a flash. The only dedicated pins are the GND and the actual flash trigger.

Why is the AF assist beam not working for the Z series?

The answer is quite simple: the camera doesn't send the 'turn the AF assist beam on' message to the flash or controller.

On a Nikon DSLR every time a flash is mounted, it is sending a message to the camera that it has a AF assist lamp. And if the camera flash assist lamp should be turned on, the AF message is send to the flash, so the flash's LED is turned on instead, as the camera knows that the flash has a AF lamp.

Yes, Nikon uses a communication protocol between the camera and the flash. Everything is controlled through that protocol and they decide which flash features should or should not be used.

But under the same circumstances the Z7 sends... nothing. No AF assist telegram, not even an unknown telegram, just nothing.

So the more complicated question is why the Z series does not send this AF lamp on message although the existing flashes are sending their 'Hey, I have an AF assist LED' message.

I think that question has been answered many times. Red is not a suitable colour so they don't turn it on. I don't know if this is fact or not, it is still on my "to do" list to hack the SB900 or SB700 and test it, but it isn't highest on my priority list.

Perhaps this message is different for the Z series so the camera is waiting for a special bit or byte in that telegram, which isn't coming of course, because no one knows what exactly the Z7 is expecting.

To make a long story short: If some flash brand is able to reverse engineer what telegram the Z7 is waiting for, in that moment all existing flashes could be easily updated per firmware, so at least the red AF assist beam can be turned on.

So if there is one day a Z series flash then the above question could be easily answered, as long as they are not introducing a new TTL protocol.

The thing is that the the Z is not sending any command until Nikon decides to do so. I think that if a new flash is ever released Nikon will change the firmware in the camera to support that flash, which may or may not have AF assist beam. For now, there is nothing else to do than wait, or use this .

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