At what events / occasions did you shoot the most images?

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Re: At what events / occasions did you shoot the most images?

MayaTlab0 wrote:

Mark_A wrote:

I can imagine great photographs, the dresses, the poise, the faces and hair and the movement. Do you ever experiment with slower exposures?

I don't recall using very slow shutter speeds and I don't think that I was experimenting much when shooting these sessions to be honest - I didn't have the time to "fail" and was already stressed enough. I do remember though trying to avoid excessively fast shutter speeds so that the dresses were slightly (just slightly) blurred during fast movements, the photos are on one of my drives now but if i'm correct I was shooting a lot at speeds around 1/160th, 1/250th or so. I never tried to freeze the picture, a bit like propeller blades or wheels (as you most probably noticed shooting motorsport it's weird when the wheels show no motion blur).

Yes with moving vehicles wheels should show blur. I like it best when there is background blur also but sometimes that is harder to achieve and also get lots of keepers.

I was kind of wondering if the swirling dresses of flamenco might look good quite blurred, but I know you would not get so many keepers that way.

That said if I wanted to get great pictures out of flamenco dancers... I think that I'd rather do it during a session dedicated to that purpose only instead of an event. It's a bit like when I ask people to take some really weird pose so that they actually look more natural in a photo, or fix their clothes with pins and clamps in the back, while their natural self or the way the clothes' fabric naturally drops just wouldn't work, if you see what I mean.

Yes I know what you mean about clothes etc .. though I am not expert at fixing them with clamps and clips etc ..

One thing though if you ever go to a staged event and you're not quite confident in your capabilities : go to the dress rehearsal and / or explore the theatre beforehand.

I need to become more expert at posing people, I know that I can learn how and it would help when I next try to pose someone for a photo. As it happens, I mainly shoot people candidly and at parties or kids at kids parties which I used to love doing.

Yes, me too. And I have learnt a lot from this thread, some photographers are really approaching their event shooting processing and promotion in a very organised and massive way and my hat is off to them for it.

I've shot two weddings so far for friends who simply couldn't budget a photographer. I was most likely a lot less crap at it than uncle Bob but probably still quit rubbish.

I only have done that once and the bride asked me and 3 other friends with cameras to shoot images for her so there was no pressure. I really enjoyed it and she loved my pictures, probably I would have been a little stressed had I been on my own.

NEVER AGAIN (well I can't say no to friends without the budget but I hope to run out of friends intending to marry one day). Hat's off to all the wedding pros who produce brilliant results while hiding all their hard work behind a facade of effortlessness.

Yes indeed, hats off. I have seen some really nice reportage style coverage of weddings. Of course everyone is in their best clothes and expecting to be photographed so that makes it slightly easier but the professionals who specialise in this can really show some skills.


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