At what events / occasions did you shoot the most images?

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Re: At what events / occasions did you shoot the most images?

Mark_A wrote:

MayaTlab0 wrote:

When I used to shoot flamenco shows for an association. I'd trigger the camera with the beat as I learnt that I was getting better poses this way and that it helped to compensate for the shutter lag (a bit like a drummer initiates moving the stick before the beat so that it hits at the right time). It worked well with the dancing style which is quite unpredictable, unlike, let's say, a car moving on a race track. BTW learning flamenco rhythm is a major PITA.

This resulted in 3000 or so pictures for a 2h show or so, often longer actually. I believe one went north of 4000 actually, but that was an even longer event (4h ? I don't recall).

Well several years later I find the resulting pictures not quite far from being crap but hey, I was a beginner and they were good enough for the intended application.

These days I I try to avoid anything that requires me moving faster than watching paint dry, I've learnt that I absolutely hate being in a hurry when taking photos.

Hi Maya,

Both I, and my kit are not really suited to fast action landscapes and portraits are ideal subjects. I do try my hand at motorcycle racing though so I am not completely a "slowmo".

I imagine flamenco might take place indoors in less well lit areas, is that right? If so I expect you also have to boost ISO etc .. ?

Indeed. Stage lighting. Smoky bars. Or outdoors at night.

It's one of these things I'd rather have preferred to entirely direct and light myself but that wasn't what I was there to do :D.

When you were shooting 3-4k images from flamenco what was your purpose? was it for pleasure or did you want to sell the images to the performers?

I deeply hated it (would have rather watched the shows) but I did it benevolently nonetheless because I could do it :D. Didn't earn any penny from it. Although I did it for several years it's one of those "best friend asking you to shoot your wedding" kind of thing. Combined with my perfectible processing skills at the time, it made for results I'm not particularly proud of today. But still a lot better than what they had gotten otherwise :D. I really like the aesthetics of Flamenco and may go back to it for personal work at another time, but in my own terms. It can really make for killer photographs.

The double purpose was to create a number of shots that could promote the association (flyers for example), and if possible a sufficiently large number of extra shots so that every dancer (some pros, some amateurs, at various levels) would be able to recognise themselves, hence the volume. I think that someone who would have wanted to sell the pictures would have had a similar shooting rate, but may have been more committed (at the risk of disturbing the audience).

Interestingly selecting the pictures wasn't that hard. Perhaps Flamenco has a role to play here. In general pictures fell into just two categories : crap (pose not timed properly and a face without or with too much "duende") or good (good pose, good facial expression).

I've learnt to say "no" to these things, they really sap any enjoyment out of photography for me. But I now have a deep, deep admiration for people shooting events of any kind.

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