At what events / occasions did you shoot the most images?

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Re: At what events / occasions did you shoot the most images?

Mark_A wrote:

sirhawkeye64 wrote:

Well, I shoot landscapes and portraits mostly, but in reality probably take similar numbers of photos regardless of what I'm shooting. For landscapes, I'll shoot fewer variations, but I might be inclined to do more bracketed shots and duplicates to be safe (against corruption in case one set gets corrupted). For models, I don't bracket and usually don't take duplicate sets but I might shoot more poses, even if the model doesn't move much or change her/his pose very much just to make sure I get at least a few good shots of each major pose.

I would say that most would shoot the most at sporting events, and probably similar numbers for non-moving subjects. I do tend to shoot more (in terms of quantity) on vacation though, because some of the places I go to I may not come back to for a long time, or ever so I like to make sure my bases are covered there (and it's not like with film where every shot costs you $1 in the end), so depending on the vacation, I might shoot 300-400 frames in a day on vacation, but maybe 100-200 frames doing landscapes all day or model shoots (this all depends on the number of models, or locations I'm visiting of course).

Hi sirhawkeye64,

Your shooting volumes seem more like my own. I don't tend to take too many images of the same scene or pose either. Then I hear other people clacking away and I wonder if I am missing something?


Depending on the skill level some may choose to take more. I've often heard, and believe, especially now that I'm more experienced, that over time, you take fewer shots overall, but more have a much higher keeper rate. However, I do know some pros that simply put their camera on Continous high and fire away and deal with it when culling (ie. cull the duplicates they don't need). In a way, to me, that sort of is a waste of clicks on the shutter, but to each his own I guess. If I'm working a scene that I'm really stoked about I might take some extra shots just to be sure, but I never do the spray and pray approach.

I guess if you have to error on one side or the other, error on the side of taking too many.  The worst that would happen is you either run out of storage space and/or you have to cull a lot of extra photos later, but I'd rather have extra culling than have NO photos from a specific location that I like.  But this also ventures into composition, working the scene and learning to "see" to get the shot you want.

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