At what events / occasions did you shoot the most images?

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Re: At what events / occasions did you shoot the most images?

MayaTlab0 wrote:

When I used to shoot flamenco shows for an association. I'd trigger the camera with the beat as I learnt that I was getting better poses this way and that it helped to compensate for the shutter lag (a bit like a drummer initiates moving the stick before the beat so that it hits at the right time). It worked well with the dancing style which is quite unpredictable, unlike, let's say, a car moving on a race track. BTW learning flamenco rhythm is a major PITA.

This resulted in 3000 or so pictures for a 2h show or so, often longer actually. I believe one went north of 4000 actually, but that was an even longer event (4h ? I don't recall).

Well several years later I find the resulting pictures not quite far from being crap but hey, I was a beginner and they were good enough for the intended application.

These days I I try to avoid anything that requires me moving faster than watching paint dry, I've learnt that I absolutely hate being in a hurry when taking photos.

Hi Maya,

Both I, and my kit are not really suited to fast action landscapes and portraits are ideal subjects. I do try my hand at motorcycle racing though so I am not completely a "slowmo".

I imagine flamenco might take place indoors in less well lit areas, is that right? If so I expect you also have to boost ISO etc .. ?

When you were shooting 3-4k images from flamenco what was your purpose? was it for pleasure or did you want to sell the images to the performers?


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