xt3 evf not smooth in video mode

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Re: xt3 evf not smooth in video mode

lélé wrote:

stefanocps wrote:

Hello, when in video mode, while the lcd is fluent and good, the evf is kind of laggy, well laggy is not the proper definition. It is not smooth, that's it. when i pan or move the camera expecially;
It happens both in normal or boost mode
When in photo mode, it works good
Any idea?

It's normal.

While recording, the EVF displays the same framerates as the captured footage.

This is (almost, a few things may be technically possible depending on the shutter speed) inevitable. And this also provide you with correct preview.

Since the EVF framerates is up to 100fps, it's normal il feels laggy and stuttering at 24, 25, 30, 50 or even 60 fps.

to tell the truth i have tried now the 59,94p and it works perfect or very close to with any ss...

So it seems that is the only framerate that don't have problem..why?

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