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New Day Rising wrote:

I just sold three items on eBay.

The first, a camera body with some bits and pieces, I figured would net around $200. I listed it with Buy It Now of $235 and opening bid of $135. It ended up selling for $255, so I was pleased.

The next a lens that usually sells for $200 or just over; a couple have gone for $150. I started the bidding at $100. There was only one bid, so it sold for $100. I was not pleased and really wish I had decided to keep it at that price (I had been thinking of just keeping it anyway before listing it). I have been having evil thoughts about claiming I dropped it while packaging it and just refunding the money.

You will be pleased to know the lens is all packaged up and off to the post office today. Regret may lead one to passing wicked thoughts, but wicked actions are something else entirely!

I paid just over $200 for the lens, but it came attached to a camera body that I sold for $200. So even with the low selling price for the lens, I am still ahead so certainly shouldn't be complaining!

That's good.

Last year I bought a Canon flash at a garage sale. I don't shoot Canon but figured I could flip it for more than the $5 I paid.  Well, the flash didn't work for some reason, but it sold for $20 to someone who wanted parts.  It was very clean.  The flash manual fold for $5.  The camera manual that was in the case fold for $7 and the case for $12.

Finally, a few accessories that I figured would get somewhere between $50 and $100. I started bidding at $10, hoping for some jostling near the end. They sold for $23.50. Not pleased again, but that's what you get.

Perhaps not surprisingly the only one that hasn't been paid for yet is the camera that sold for a decent price.

The reserve was made for you.

eBay Australia dropped the reserve system quite a few years ago. My option would have been to set the starting bid, or the minimum offer, higher. Oh well. That's the gamble you make.

Oh. You mentioned that before, I forgot.

I wonder what their reason was..

They had reserves on all items in the early days. About 15 years they dropped them; now you can only put a reserve on motor vehicles and real estate.

Sellers liked reserves and it seems may have been using them to reduce their fees under the fee structure that existed at the time. eBay Australia did a survey and found buyers didn't like them and it was putting some off. There was a fair bit of notification about it at the time, but I don't remember other details.


Yeah the fee structure used to be very different.  It was tiered, and confusing for rookies.  I don't remember how the reserve affected fees but I remember it did.

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