90D has no high-precision centre AF like 7D MK2?

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Re: 90D has no high-precision centre AF like 7D MK2?

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additionally (according to DPReview coverage) the 90D only has 25 RAW in Buffer. A no go for me I wont buy it.

Jared Polin said it would do 8 seconds of continuous shooting. That points to a 80 shot raw buffer.

And the 7D2 can't do more than 31 either, at least on paper. The 90D also has the C-RAW trick in its sleeve: for very slight loss of image quality, you get 50% smaller RAWs and considerably longer bursts (39 shots on paper).

Don't forget that the 90D supports a higher speed card than 7D ii, and at least twice the speed of 80D, which will clear the buffer faster. This will reduce the necessity for a large buffer. If it can write to a card at around 180Mb/s, that should allow around 5fps to be written to card (with full size RAW - more with C-RAW), and if the buffer takes around 30 full RAW images, that would allow bursts of around 6 seconds (at 10 fps) before slowing down.


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