At what events / occasions did you shoot the most images?

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Re: At what events / occasions did you shoot the most images?

Mark_A wrote:

IR1234 wrote:

Amateur cycling event 4 years ago, 22,000 images in 6 hours, although 18,000 was over 3 hours of that. Haven’t done that event in a couple of years due to weather, but expecting to do it again on Saturday. Something like 10,000 cyclists.

Hi IR1234, that is serious numbers.

What is your objective? Do you aim to sell a photo of each cyclist to them and if so do you process and put them all online or something, must be a big operation to do something like that.

That’s the objective. I wish we did. It will be a tiny percentage, but it pays the bills. Everything goes online and we publish about 10,000 per hour the moment an event or day finishes.

But we regularly do running events or triathlons, so 6-7,000 really isn’t that uncommon. And our summer work sees about 6-7,000 per day per camera average. My personal work camera is showing maybe 1.1m on it’s latest shutter, with a global count of 2.1m. We do have another works camera with maybe 1.6m and no rebuild, yet.

Yes, you are being demanding of your kit and I expect you may as well keep updating the shutters in them because they couldn't fetch so much on the second hand market with such shutter counts.

If you have a new shutter installed, they reset the shutter count. But it’s not a big deal as we are never selling any of the 7d2s. Absolute tanks, love them.

Do you mind me asking what gear you use - pause I will got back and see if it is in your profile. eta yes I see Canon Gear.

7d2s are the primary cameras, with 7ds as backups. For reportage we use a 6d2. Lenses are 15-85 (24-105L2 for 6d2), 70-200 f4L non is, and 35-350L although we may transition to 28-300Ls over time as the first has just arrived.

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