At what events / occasions did you shoot the most images?

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Re: At what events / occasions did you shoot the most images?

Barry Twycross wrote:

Motor sports events seems to be mine. I'll shoot 1-2000 a day over a 3 day weekend. Though the ballgame at the weekend might top that, I shot 750 frames in 2 hours. It was a short game, and I'd got the shots I wanted by the 7th innings, so I didn't bother so much with the last few innings, just shot some wider shots of any action that happened.

To answer questions you've asked about work flow, I shoot RAW+jpeg. I import the jpegs into photos and archive the RAWs and forget about them, unless I have a need to make a better version. Unusually, I did an initial cull to weed out the really bad ones, I was thinking I'd weed out the good ones from the 10 frames/sec bursts, but I decided I liked having the entire sequences. That yielded 750 frames.

After a first pass, I had 70 pretty good ones. I selected 17 of those to show to people. I only bothered tweeking the exposure on those 17. Most of that post processing is just pressing the auto-enhance button. If I wanted to do anything more with any of those 17 I'd go find the RAW and see what I could do.

Hi Barry, yes, I am interested in people's workflow. At the moment I shoot raw only so every keeper needs processing even if it is just save as jpeg.

I do think I need to step up my expectation with respect to memory cards and hard disk space, and for that matter backup. At the moment I can cope with smaller numbers of shots but I can see me needing to buy some more kit.

For my D800 12bit raws are 30mb and a medium jpeg is 10mb - that is not shooting max quality raws which are 14 bit and 70mb. At the moment I think shooting raw + jpeg would be too much memory for my card and pc.


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