Ebay strategies?

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Re: I'm late to this party

nevada5 wrote:

I didn't read through the posts but I'll just add a comment that I found to be applicable.

I never do 7 day auctions. When I did, I sat for the first 5 days watching nothing happen. 5 days is plenty, 3 is better.

As a buyer it works the same way. I put something on my watch list, 7 days from end of auction and before that auction matures I found another item.

Essentially you're saying "Check back in a week." Yeah, right.

I understand what you're saying but for me... the longer the auction, the more people who decide they want something and search for it will find my auctions and at least add to their watch list.

But... I like 3 day auctions for items I want, because less people see it.

Downside:  there are probably many auctions I don't see.

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