At what events / occasions did you shoot the most images?

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Re: Chinese Wedding

Franglais91 wrote:

I am a humble amateur. I Don't take away trade from Professionals - but every year one of my friends asks me to shoot a wedding, usually their own. I do it on two conditions:

1. I Don't get paid

2. I get invited to the party. I love parties

One year it was a Chinese friend. What I didn't know was that there are lots of rituals, visits to both groups of parents to take tea, big feast in a top Chinese restaurant with all the family. It goes on over three days, day and night. And afterwards - the parents offer you a little packet of money that it is rude to refuse.

I think I did about 2000 images over the three days. This is not spray-and-pray. It's carefully recording an important event in the lives of people I care about.

I made my usual choice of the images that I thought were successful and supplied full-size JPG's to the couple. They were used in various albums combined with images from other photographers. There were also some variants produced by the bride (transformation into black-and-white then recoloured manually).

BTW my usual number of shots is as follows:

- one day touristing/travelling = 70-100 images

- Model shooting = 400 images

- normal wedding with ceremony and festivities = 800 images

- 2-hour show with 80 people on stage and I try to get one good shot of every one = 1200 images

Hi Franglais91,

I just took a look at your website, it is nice and clear and I like the images.

It does sound as if you did a lot of work for your Chinese wedding. Hopefully the packet of money was not too small!

The only time I took photographs at a wedding was in France and as I don't speak more than basic French it was find that I was hidden behind my camera the whole time


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