90D has no high-precision centre AF like 7D MK2?

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Re: 90D has no high-precision centre AF like 7D MK2?

Justme wrote:

Jack Jian wrote:

Rudy Winston in his video states, the 90D will have its 27 central AF points available at f8.

I have read different things on different sites. I have read right on this site that the 90D will have xx (think it was the number you quoted) number of AF points for metering purposes. I am not sure if the person above (Rudy) qualified what he meant by that statement. I haven't seen the official Canon specs from Canon.

Usually Canon provides those dual precision type AF points on their pro cameras like the 1DX line. They put a measly 1 such AF point in the 7D MK2. It would be surprising if Canon included 27 such points in the 90D. I mean it would be great if it were to happen. Can anyone confirm if the 90D has AF points that will allow the AF of a lens combo of f/8 such as adding a 2x to a f4 lens making it an f/8 lens?

High-precision dual cross-type AF points are an entirely separate concept from AF points available at f/8. Indeed, dual cross AF points are only high precision when the lens used has f/2.8 maximum aperture or faster.

The center AF point is dual cross-type in practically all modern Canon DSLRs except the very lowest tier. Only the 1DX models have more than one dual cross-type; they have five.

AF points capable of focusing at f/8 maximum aperture are a different feature. In the 45-point AF sensor used by the 80D, 90D, 6D2, and others, the center point is capable of f/8 autofocus with any lens-extender combination. In addition, with selected optics 27 AF points are available: namely the 100–400mm L IS II + 1.4x III and the 200–400mm L IS + 2x III. The 90D may support additional combinations besides those two; we don't know yet.

The 7D Mark II supports f/8 focusing with the center point either alone or in the 1+4 or 1+8 point expansion modes, but not with any other point. The 1D X Mark II and 5D Mark IV support f/8 AF with all 61 points.

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