90D has no high-precision centre AF like 7D MK2?

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Re: 90D has no high-precision centre AF like 7D MK2?

Justme wrote:

But will it replace the 7D MK2? is it as good as the 7D MK2? You be the judge. But it doesn't have CF and only has 45 AF points

Well, the hint is in the name. It's an xxD, not 7Dx.

The new 90D only has 1 card slot. No mention if it can AF at f/8 (500mm f4 lens with a TC 2x) like the 7D MK2. If it can't, no way will it replace my 7D MK2 as this capability is very important for my type of photography.

From the DPR quick look, the 90D sounds like what it is, a slight upgrade from the 80D and not a 7D MK2 upgrade or replacement.

Yes, that's exactly what it is - update to the 80D.  The 7D2 will continue to be produced & sold.  Whether or not there will be a 7D 3?  Well, only Canon knows.  If it doesn't appear by Jan/Feb, I kinda doubt there will be one.

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