90D has no high-precision centre AF like 7D MK2?

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Re: 90D has no high-precision centre AF like 7D MK2?

Andy01 wrote:

p5freak wrote:

The new 90D only has 1 card slot. No mention if it can AF at f/8 (500mm f4 lens with a TC 2x) like the 7D MK2. If it can't, no way will it replace my 7D MK2 as this capability is very important for my type of photography.

The 90D can autofocus even if you stack two x2 extenders on your 500mm f4 lens.

I saw no mention of AF at f16, certainly not with OVF.


I never said with OVF. The TO didnt mention OVF. In live view the aperture doesnt matter. It will AF at any f-stop.

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