First attempts using Tilt shift lens - Loving it!

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Re: First attempts using Tilt shift lens - Loving it!

Corelli wrote:

I'm actually quite pleased with the 24mm length for now. I can make great horizontal and vertical panoramas with it that are quite wide without throwing the background too far back.

I've read very negative reviews of the first series of Canon Tilt shifts, so I wouldn't be inclined to buy one used. The second series is supposed to be much better.

I see from your nice photos that even 17mm isn't enough to capture those really tall buildings.

Did you ever do much landscape photography with it?

Here are some more photos I took this weekend:


For very tall building you´d have to combine the shift with perspective correction in post.

If you stitch, the TS-E 24mm II would be a great solution. I wouldn´t buy the first version, I deemed it soft and realistically it gives you only 8mm of shifting.

I didn´t shoot landscapes with the 17mm. I hardly shoot landscapes at all. I´ve sold the 17mm as I didn´t use it much. The thing is, that perfectly corrected buildings are more interesting for documentary style shots, often these shots look rather boring. If you make a living with that kind of photography, it´s different, of course.

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