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Re: Now backed by more reliable resources

Leandros S wrote:

James O'Neill wrote:

Off the top of my head these things I would be thinking about if were looking to keep Pentax alive.

  • A full frame camera which doesn't use APS-C focus (that's right the K1 and K1-ii don't have any focus points outside the APS-C zone),

Like other brands, right? Let's say, the D850?


Oh, oops!

Oh Nikon produced a bad one, so everyone else should. Sony, Canon, any MILC only cover 25% of the frame area ?

  • Faster / more reliable AF.
  • Newer sensor (If not more pixels, better DR )
  • WiFi which can transfer a RAW file in under 45 seconds (yes the K1 Wifi is 10Mbit/sec and takes that long to ship a RAW file).
  • Faster USB .
  • Touch screen controls


Why touchscreen or why all of it ?

I mocked touch screens for a bit, then a mishap meant I had to borrow a friend's canon. Touch screen there didn't have the issues I expected and it worked well. Things which were meant to be canon strengths weren't that great and ergonomically it was a nightmare. To my surprise the one thing I would have taken wasn't the AF, wasn't the sigma art lens (much praised and not available in K-Mount) but the touch screen.

  • Lighter weight / lower bulk bodies (once a Pentax strong point).
  • New FA lenses
  • Lenses with electronic aperture control only (1 so far).

Again, why? Electronic aperture control is one of the worst ideas ever. One electronic failure, and your lens is fricked.

That's true of silent focusing AF motors in the lens; lenses without aperture rings, and even A mode on lenses with them. One electronic failure and your camera body is dead (even with later film cameras).  Electronics need to be reliable, but I take that for granted in my car, my camera bodies, my dive computer, my phone (no longer use a mechanical watch or a paper diary), no longer carry a road atlas because car and phone both have sat nav.

  • The big 50 had a new motor, have they updated the motors in other lenses - no, they put a new coating on a 35mm lens design which 45 years old and released a screw mount lens in 2019.

Same problem with electronic focus control. Screwmount might be noisy, but it gets the job done year after year after year. Do you think we'd have fully working legacy glass from the 1950s if they'd had today's newfangled focus motors? Fat chance.

I shoot more with the 77 ltd than anything else. Will the lenses from any MILC be in use 60 or 70 years from now ? Will any Pentax lens without an aperture ring ? I'd have to live to 120 to find out, and I don't see that happening (call me doom-sayer for that if you like). .

But logically: a lens which is mounted to a camera it wasn't designed for will need to be focused manually. As long as as motor-focused lenses have a manual mode they'll go on cameras, even if the state-of-the-art motor from the year it was made packs up, far more of an issue is the the lack of a focus ring, and the FA-J lenses which came out at the end of the film era meant the end of "if you can fix it on, you can use it".

We might enjoy shooting with ancient relics,but if a company is the DSLR business it needs to be selling something modern not something a bygone age.

  • Flash which is closer to the rest of the market.
  • An update to the 645 to something near current tech.

Medium format is a slow-moving market. Sure, Fujifilm is trying to raise the heat, but the quality of their bodies is an entirely different animal... in a bad way.

It may be, but is the 645z still a saleable proposition ?

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