Where are the G1X III users

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Re: Where are the G1X III users

It's a nice camera but I think it was too advanced for amateurs and too point-and-shoot like for enthusiasts. It's a perfect travel camera when you want to capture some moments, don't need to be artistic, and want the camera to successfully capture a decent shot when you hand it off to someone (or a selfie). I still prefer the handling of a DSLR (or even something like the Ricoh GR) and find myself struggling to quickly take photos with it.

I also find the lens a little too hazy and lacking contrast but it's a compromise that I'm willing to deal with. It's also built pretty damn well; I've had it fall off a strap twice now, and aside from a couple little dings everything was still working fine. You drop a RX100 and it's off to repair immediately.

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