Is a new Nikon flash still expected in 2019?

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Re: Is a new Nikon flash still expected in 2019?

michaeladawson wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

What a lot of irrelevant bubble in that video...

I mean, I asked a simple question about the AF assist beam in that Godox you have and said that it has AF assist beam. I repeat the question:

Does it work with the Nikon Z, or only with DSLRs? The answer is yes or no.

As a lot of things in life the answer isn't a simple yes or no.

True, but this question should have been easy to answer with a yes or no since he says he has that Godox and also claims to have a Z. No need to link to a long and boring video.

Summary from the video... The AF assist light on the flash didn't work on mirrorless (it doesn't come on). But he was able to put the Godox X-1 trigger on a Sony ML camera and the AF assist light worked. He said the Sony combo was the only one that worked for him.

I don't know. I was also able to get Godox AF assist light to come on with Fuji as well. I can't remember if it was only the trigger or from the flash as well. The gotcha from the Fuji as I remember it is the AF assist light only comes on when it thinks it's dark enough to need the AF assist.

I haven't tried with Nikon Z.

Probably Sony and Fuji work completely different from Nikon. The old Nikon shoe had a dedicated pin for the AF assist, but now it's controlled through the same data pin as everything else in a flash. The only dedicated pins are the GND and the actual flash trigger.

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