At what events / occasions did you shoot the most images?

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Re: February to April Migratory and Nesting Season

zackiedawg wrote:

For me, it's when doing bird and wildlife photography in South Florida in the prime winter months, when we're experiencing the heaviest wintering population of bird species, are in prime nesting season for many large wading species, and into March and April when we are also experiencing the largest number of migrating species coming northbound from the Caribbean and South America, headed back north.

There are hundreds of birds in flight in every direction you turn - the skies are so busy with birds that it's a wonder they aren't running into each other, and at times you can be surrounded by birds flying within 3-5 feet of you, so lots and lots of burst shooting for BIF opportunities that can go on for hours. And there are all kinds of great rare species and sightings sitting in trees and on the ground that you may not see again in a long while, so you want to capture as many of them as you can in case it ends up being the last time you see that species.

On my busiest birding days, I've exceeded 2,000 frames, starting from 11am and running until sunset at 5:30pm.

On a more typical general photography day, I might shoot 30-100 frames a day. Maybe double that if traveling to new countries or places, where I might shoot 200 a day.

That sounds like an amazing experience!

And I guess the thing with wildlife is that there is always room for the unknown.

It's not like they are running around a track or doing the same routine over and over again. LOL.

You have to be ready for everything, and there will be happenings that only happen once in your trip!

Take care & Happy Shooting!

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