Is a new Nikon flash still expected in 2019?

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Re: Is a new Nikon flash still expected in 2019?

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When the Z7 was first announced, it was expected that there would also be a new flash announced to go along with it sometime in 2019. I've heard nothing about that since, so am wondering if that is still expected?

In hopes such a flash would have a focus assist that works properly with the Z series cameras, I've been holding off on buying any other flash, and making do with a very nice $60 LED video light. The down side of that, of course, is that it is not stealthy at all, and can make subjects squint.

.. Sorry to get off-topic..

I sold all my Nikon speedlights and went 100% godox. Assist beam on the trigger (X2T) and there is a hotshoe on top so you can have a flash on camera on the same time.

Godox is a whole lot cheaper than Nikon. and some speedlights have rechargeable lithium batteries.

How does that assist beam works? I mean, is it replacing the built in one or is it working only with DSLR cameras?

I think Peter Gregg is better at explaining than me.

If you dont wanna hear about the problems with assist light with ML cameras then jump to 13:00 min if you just want to see the solution.


What a lot of irrelevant bubble in that video...

I mean, I asked a simple question about the AF assist beam in that Godox you have and said that it has AF assist beam. I repeat the question:

Does it work with the Nikon Z, or only with DSLRs? The answer is yes or no.

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