Website theme choice and design considerations advice please

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Re: Website theme choice and design considerations advice please

There are a lot of options for sure and I agree with one of the other posts that Social Media is more important these days. I know one successful photographer in Florida who uses Social to point back to his website and visa versa.  He often blogs about "how to" topics which draw in a ton of hits.

That said, Social is limited in terms of photo size and resolution (e.g. Instagram resizes down to 1350px long side portrait orientation, 1024 or something like that for square) so a strong/large gallery website is, I think , still a great way for potential clients to get a better look.

Besides , I saw a beautiful site the other day created with  ... may be worth a look. But there are tons out there as you are finding out.

Anyway good luck. If you don't need a "shopping cart" type sales front end, then there's no need to pay for that only to go unused (e.g zenfolio, photoshelter) unless you just lover there templates.'s gear's gear list
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