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Re: Updated using your ideas updated

Thomas Niemann wrote:

Brandon, I really like this approach. I've modified the document to use this technique. See end of second page. Settings.html

Thomas Hi.

I have checked the settings in the “Another way” section and some of the settings pages differ in the M7 from the M6. Also some of the descriptors. e.g Lock on AF becomes Tracking AF .

I realise that your excellent pdf is M6 orientated.

To make things easier if you wish to update your pdf I have below an edited “Another way” to reflect these differences. Hope this helpful.

Another Way

Make all the settings:

Cam1/5 Face Eye AF set :On / human / Right left eye set auto

Cam1/7 Phase detect area : On

Cam1/8 > iso setting: ISO auto, Range 64-6400, ISO auto min speed Standard

Cam1/8 > AEL w/Shutter: Auto

Cam1/13> Focus Magnif. Time: 2 sec

Cam1/13 > Initial Focus Mag.: x1.0 or 5.3

Cam1/13 > MF Assist: On

Cam1/13 > Peaking Setting: On/High/Yellow

Cam2/9 > Custom Key > C Button: AEL Toggle

Cam2/9 > Custom Key > Right Button: ISO

Cam2/9 > Custom Key > Center Button: Focus Standard

Cam2/9 > Custom Key > Control Ring: Standard

Then adjust your camera as follows:

Focus Mode: AF-C

Focus Area: Tracking: flexible spot

Dial: A (Aperture priority) or S (Shutter priority) of shooting includes moving animals and birds.

Left Arrow > Drive Mode: continuous shooting - Low (3 images/sec)

Zoom to full wide angle and set aperture to f/2.8. Leave it at this setting unless it’s too bright. The camera automatically sets shutter speed and ISO. It will reduce shutter speed until ISO AUTO Min SS (Cam1/6) is encountered, then increases ISO.

If in S mode choice then adjust shutter speed with zoom ring to suit subject. aperture will vary automatically

When you press the shutter release it will start shooting 3 frames/sec. For just one shot quickly press and release. If your camera focuses on the wrong thing just tap the screen. If you want to manually focus set Focus Mode to MF and focus with the Lens Ring. Just be sure to set Focus Mode back to AF-C when done. For Exposure Lock press the C Button.


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