No FocusDistance metadata for Z mount lenses?

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Wim Vanmaele Junior Member • Posts: 36
Re: No FocusDistance metadata for Z mount lenses?

olyflyer wrote:

I think it is a bug. It has been discussed but it is good to bring it up again and I think it should be fixed but I don't think it will be.

In the exif, there is a part that is standardized ...  But, all stuff that is inserted into the "maker notes" is like it describes: Notes entered by the maker ..  So, any firm that creates a picture and inserts an exif, has to follow standardized items, but in the makernotes it can insert anything it wants ...
I once did a survey and found more than 500 different items in it.
Even Adobe inserts data like  'history', ... when you open, eventually modify some stuff in a picture and save that picture in LR or PS.

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