At what events / occasions did you shoot the most images?

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Mark_A wrote:

I know some of you are just sprayers and prayers just teasing, but at what events did you shoot the most images.

Just trying to get an idea of what people feel is a lot because I expect we will have different feelings on this topic.

For me at everyday subjects I normally shoot between 30-90 and when reviewing them am happy if I get one proper special keeper.

On the higher side I went to a motor sports event and shot 400. At least 400 is all I have left, perhaps I shot more and deleted a load I can't remember. Anyhow 400 is my top so far.

What about you? where how many and why?


as well as certain special local event.

From a typical 10~16 days trips (all overseas), depending on the destinations, I could take +/-3K shots back home. Certain interesting local events like the annual street Halloween party of my area, flower show, Lantern Festival etc or certain rarely held religious ceremony that worth to carry my camera for it, would take around 200~400 shots per event.

I am not the type of shooters who are looking to produce an art piece, so shall not take a lot of shots on the same object and finally keep the best few, pp to the best and deleted the others.

I use my camera to record a piece of my memory. Hence any images taken during my trip, if can meet with my basic technical standard, will be a keeper. For all of my travelling photos (or individual shooting event) are used to create a slideshow (better and easier playback) in format of video (used to 1080, now moving onto 4K). So more shots would be welcome. I suppose a 10 minutes video (says, 5" display time per shot would mean max 120 shots only!) would be too short to cover a happy 2 weeks holiday?

My video for the last 11 days trip to Holy Land is long as 7.5 hours, splitting up in days of around 30 minutes to longest 1+ hour per each days.

I shall never mind to have as many memory I can keep.

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