Tony Northrup - The TRUTH: Hi Megapixels + BIG Prints are a WASTE?

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confused - how are there masters with large prints?

TN Args wrote:

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Ken Sky wrote:

To be fair to Tony, his conclusion was that the higher pixel count was best viewed as "future proofing" his files.

Yes, he did say that.

But I still wonder how resizing the A7iii 200% and comparing to the A7Riv would have worked out in his test. I suspect with only comparing 8x10 prints that it might be close.

For someone who rarely prints large, it might not be that bad of a way to go.

If increasing detail were just a matter of upsampling, there wouldn't be any need for high res sensors. You'd just have 24MP worth of detail spread across 48MP worth of pixels.

The way I see it, my eyes prob won't see more than a 40" 8K monitor's worth of detail, which when you factor in aspect ratios is 24MP for the full picture height.

Remember, though, that to get 8,000 pixels across an 8K with full detail, will require at least 16,000 pixels across a Bayer sensor. Which is a 170 MP sensor.

Maybe take a little more for cropping and detail.

OK, 200-250 MP then.

His conclusion was that 240MP was barely enough at the largest size he talked about, but yet the "masters" had things hanging in art shows that were larger.  He said he wasn't good enough for that yet, so I take that to mean he doesn't think current gear is up to the task.  That begs the question... if the cameras don't yet exist with enough MP to print as large as art show prints use, how do those prints even exist?  Is the implication that literally every print in art shows are made from large format film only?  Somehow I doubt that.


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