At what events / occasions did you shoot the most images?

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Re: At what events / occasions did you shoot the most images?

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The only time I shoot a large number of photographs per hour is for figure skating where I have to use motor drive for the jumps. For a day's shooting this might usually results in more than 1,500 shots. For other events such as show jumping, speed skating, motorcycle races Etc, I shoot single frame only this usually results in fewer than 500 shots per day.

Hi Tony,

I can imagine jumps could be hard to capture without burst.

Indeed skater doing a triple spin in the air definitely needs motor drive to capture an optimal shot.

I just started using burst for motorbikes, but my D800 has quite a slow burst rate, I could pretty much see it acquiring focus between shots. Worked a treat though.

Each sport has its own physical rhythm. once you begin to become familiar with shooting the sport you will probably find that you will rely less and less on motor drive to capture the shot. Motor bikes have their own delightful rhythm and it is nice when you can follow the rhythm for composition. This is a shot from my first attempt at motorbikes with a film DSLR in ancient days. I found it straightforward to figure this out. The apparent grain is largely caused by the flying dirt cloud of the bikes. In more recent times i find shooting motorcycle racing is much cleaner and easier to shoot

In 1970



The other reason to take multiple pictures of the same moment is . . . because you don't know if that particular shot is going to be the best shot of that moment.

Case in point . . . when photographing 20-30 cheerleaders going into their pyramid.

If you know the routine, you might know that 5 seconds from now the pyramid will transform into an awesome shot.

So . . . do you wait for that moment?

Certainly multiple shots would be useful. however holding the shutter button down for 5 seconds or more to get the awesome shot is kind of ridiculous. I would be inclined to shoot a few shots when the pyramid is under construction and shoot the money shot when the timing arises. To me not rocket science.

Or do you realize that the pyramid may collapse and that composition 5 seconds from now isn't going to happen, so now may actually be the best shot.

So . . . you take the shot now, even knowing that 5 seconds from now is the actual "keeper" because . . . in a performance / routine . . . nothing is guaranteed.

Indeed true nothing is guaranteed during a performance and I have shot hundreds of them for theatre and dance Etc

And then on the other hand . . . if you don't know the routine . . . like a professional that is photographing all sorts of athletes that they never saw before . . . you shoot as you go, because what you are seeing now may be the best composition. Not knowing the routine, you just don't know! LOL.

Take care & Happy Shooting!

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