At what events / occasions did you shoot the most images?

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Music festivals

Mark_A wrote:

I know some of you are just sprayers and prayers just teasing, but at what events did you shoot the most images.

Just trying to get an idea of what people feel is a lot because I expect we will have different feelings on this topic.

For me at everyday subjects I normally shoot between 30-90 and when reviewing them am happy if I get one proper special keeper.

On the higher side I went to a motor sports event and shot 400. At least 400 is all I have left, perhaps I shot more and deleted a load I can't remember. Anyhow 400 is my top so far.

What about you? where how many and why?


My wife and I specialise in music and stage photography, mainly for classical, jazz and blues concerts.  Our biggest yearly event is a chamber music festival in Belgium that lasts two weeks.

During this festival we shoot master classes, rehearsals, concerts and receptions. We usually star shooting at 08:45 for the classes and the rehearsals and end after midnight on concert days followed by receptions.

This year, we shot about 9,000 photos altogether, from which about 2,800 photos were kept. We shoot only raw and we never use burst, anticipation is the name of the game.  This is maybe the explanation for the high keepers rate. We shoot this festival for already 12 years so many things get into routine and are easy to anticipate.

Working as a team of two, allows us to split, so on days without concerts, my wife does the shooting and I stay in the hotel room doing the processing mainly with Lightroom.


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