At what events / occasions did you shoot the most images?

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Re: At what events / occasions did you shoot the most images?

BrentSchumer wrote:

I would have to check at home, but two events that required a lot of burst shooting were:

  • Sumo tournament in Tokyo
  • WKC show in Manhattan

Contrary to popular belief, Sumo wrestlers have lightning quick movements (like face slaps) that are faster than I could easily notice from up in the stands. I might have taken 1,000 images that night, trying to find a good combination of composition, action, and lighting (from ring-side camera flashes). I was also using an 18-135mm from high up in the stands, so it was tougher to fish out optimal photos from the lighting.

Another night with a lot of images was the WKC annual show in Madison Square Garden. Again the action was way too far away for the lens I brought* and I took dozens of pictures per dog trying to coax something interesting out of the proceedings. At that range AF was trial-and-error, and the indoor lighting hindered my shutter speed.

I'd have to go through my photo folders to get exact photo counts from each event.

*Luckily, my insufficient A6000 + 18-135mm OSS was svelte enough to avoid the security gate confiscations, where screeners took cameras away that were large enough to be a weapon or hazard. There were dozens of cameras in the confiscation station held by security staff (I looked in), ranging from M43 to 5DRs and D850s with god lenses. But my A6000 and travel lens looked too small and touristy to be an issue!

P.S. Sony please release an inexpensive 300mm APSC lens on E mount. You did it for A mount and can do it again!

Hi Brent,

Interesting that they were confiscating cameras, and that yours got through.

It is a nice shot your Sumo one, so your gear did a good job there I would say but it must have been difficult being so far away.

I envy the pro photographers at motorsports events because they get to be inside the fencing which is always a limiting factor for me, being outside it.


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