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M7 orientated settings trial

I've used the RX100M7 for 2 days using a simple setup which I found worked for static objects, landscapes, people, running dogs and flying birds.

What I did is ditch AFS, set the the AF mode to AFC and the AF area to Flexible spot M with tracking. I enabled face recognition too.

I set the trackpad R side to register focus point when touched though I found I didn't need that.

I shot in S mode controlling shutter speed with the lens wheel.

I set Drive mode to Low burst. This made single shots easy and gave a good frame rate with autofocus when needed.

I set Iso to Auto iso min 100 iso and max 6400 iso.

I used the EVF and walked around a seaside resort, taking pictures as mentioned above.

All I had to choose was what shutter speed I wanted.

Acquisition of anything under the focus point was instant and the camera immediately started tracking. Pictures were all sharp, correctly focussed. When pointing at people face and eye (when near enough) took over automatically. There was no need to change anything for all of the variety of images apart from shutter speed as required.

This works so well that I will probably remove all non tracking AF options from the AF list. A quick FN button press brings up the AF area in the second position where I can change tracking areas from Centre, Zone, Wide, Flexible spot S,M,L and extendible focus spot with a turn of the rear thumbwheel. In practice I found Flexible spot M worked well for all the situations mentioned.

A YouTube Vlogger Mark Galer mentioned that he had turned of all focus areas that were not tracking on his Sony A6400 and found he never needed to use AFS or non tracking again. So I thought if the RX 100M7 could handle that I would do the same. It works very well indeed.

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