Sling type camera strap?

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Re: Never felt the need for a sling strap.

Kuppenbender wrote:

They’re camera straps. If you’re calling it a ‘neck’ strap you’re doing it wrong!

If my need to shave a fraction of a second off the time it takes me to bring the camera up to my eyes out-weighed the security benefit of two purpose-built points of attachment, I might reconsider.

Haha, funny video.

When I bought my latest camera, I actually used default strap from camera maker (Sony) in sling style temporarily, while waiting on the shipment/delivery of real sling strap.

Default strap from camera manufacturer is too short to use in sling style.

  • I can physically get the camera and strap in sling position if I wear t-shirt. Camera sits in my rib cage. It is too short but still usable.
  • If I wear a jacket, camera is in my armpit.  It is way too short and uncomfortable.
  • I can physically use camera in view finder mode where camera is in my face. It cannot be used comfortably with rear LCD mode, as camera needs to away from my face/body.
  • Plus, the default camera strap is not padded. My Sony APS-C strap is like 1/2 inch wide. FF straps are wider, but still not padded.

Third party sling straps are definitely way to go.

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