Affordable flashunits with Bowens-Mount

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Re: Affordable flashunits with Bowens-Mount

Maybe also look at Elinchrom rx one. they are 100w/s strobes for 149euro per strobe. the rx2 is 200w/s and around 220 euro per unit. Elinchrom is the brand of choice for people that cannot afford pro foto or broncolor.

Elinchrome is a good quality brand (made in switzerland, just like broncolor. elinchrom stops down 5 stops. personaly i think their flash speed is to slow and 100w/s would be enough probably. But not if your softbox is to big and to far away. you can just shoot at iso 400. You have to buy a speedring seperate.

specs for elinchrom rx one are:

- F-stop 1m, 100 ISO, reflector 48 graden: F32.4
- power range is 6-100Ws
- Recycletime is 0.44-1.5 seconden
- Flashduration (t 0.5) at max power is 1/2200 secs

the specs are not the greatest in the world. but it has great quality of light.

godox is a good quality brand. many professionals use the qt, qt2 or ad series. I don't know about their cheaper line. Is better to buy one really great light then 3 lesser quality strobes.

Most important is to see if color temperature is stable throughout the power range.

I am not really sure why you want to use a f1.4 lens in the first place. just shoot at f8 like a normal person so with portraits the face is in focus and don't have blurry noses and chins because the depth of field is to shallow.

Godox uses bowens mounts. godox is also sold under different brand names in the usa.

I own the godox qt2-400. i use it at 1/4 power at the most, but i have flexibily to put bigger softbox on it or put it far away and still have enough power at iso64 or iso 100. This godox can do 1/4400secs flash speed t0.1. That is basicly a totally insane spec for this price range.

Look at this comparison on youtube between the qt-400 and QS400. (qt is old model, qt2 is even better).

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