Sling type camera strap?

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Re: Sling type camera strap?

Mark B. wrote:

vwcrusher wrote:

Never tried one, but given the weight of my camera/lens it might be time. Unfortunately, I know pretty much nothing about them. Even relatively moderate outings, I find that the weight on my neck is a problem. I have seen folks with sling type straps where the camera actually rests near their hip....not sure if this is a good idea.

Any advice is appreciated.

I switched to sling straps years ago, and will never again use a standard neck straps. Yes, the camera does rest and bump against your hip, but with a neck strap it swings and bumps against your chest so I'm not sure either one is better or worse I can carry a heavier lens attached (i.e. Canon 100-400) for much longer with a sling strap than with a shoulder strap.


Hey Mark! I shoot an A7iii. But Sony Ambassador Mark Galer has a video regarding the new Sony 200-600. I was just watching the review of this lens when I saw what he does to carry a big heavy lens and I adapted that to my "simple" 24-105 f4. He put a Peak Design plate on the bottom of the camera and attached an anchor to the to the plate. The lens sits horizontal instead of just hanging off ones waist.

My 24-105 now rests much more comfortably on my side and doesn't swing like it use to. Just wanted to throw that idea out there if you wanted to try it.

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