At what events / occasions did you shoot the most images?

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Re: At what events / occasions did you shoot the most images?

threw the lens wrote:

Some international sports days are very long, and it is common to rack up over 5000.

Mind you, I actually like taking these photos and know what I am looking for. Someone who doesn't like it and doesn't have a clue about the sport might only take 500. Who knows. I don't ask anybody else how many photos they take, I only care about what I am doing. If you criticised the photos I took, I would probably ignore you.

Hi threw the lens, who is criticising, I am just interested in what people think is normal for them in their circumstances.

However, you and the other posters that shoot in the thousands a day, I suppose you are burning through your shutter lifespan faster also apart from other wear and tear.

Have you gone past your shutter expected life span on your cameras at any point?

I delete obviously OOF shots at the venue in the odd moments but rarely have to at home. I process the few I want other people to see, and about the same number mainly for me.

I use PhotoMechanic to see my thumbnails because it's the fastest game in town.

Never heard of PhotoMechanic before.

It would be cute to claim I'm so faultless with WB and so in demand that I only have time to use jpeg, but the fact is that sometimes I enjoy going back to PP my images, so I use raw+jpeg. Yikes!

You must have large memory cards I am assuming?


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