Three Best Pentax Cameras

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The last three... ;-)

For me it's really simple. The three best bodies were the last three I owned.

So if you count individual cameras it's the K-3 and my two K-3II's, butif you count models (I guess that's what's asked) it's K-5, K-3 and K-3II. In de following order:

#3 - K-5 - After the K-7 (the last of a series of Pentax bodies that were great cameras for me but somehow felt unfinished), the K-5 was the first Pentax DSLR that felt exactly right for me.

#2 - K-3 - I know many like the 16MP sensor of the K-5 more than the more recent 24MP, but to me that seemed a pixel peeping opinion more than anything else. When looking at the pictures out of the K-3 as pictures and not pixels, I like the K-3 more... Also the performance boost and extra card slot gave me extra options to explore, so I decided to upgrade and was happy to have done so.

#1 - K-3II - I loved the K-3, but the addition of a GPS module made upgrading to the K-3II a no-brainer to me (I never used the pop-up flash). I even got me a second K-3II body so I can continue using it as long as possible, since the introduction of the FF K-1 made me unsure Pentax would still include a sufficiently advanced APS-C in its line-up.

I would like to include the Ricoh GR III in the list, but that's not really a Pentax...

I *am* looking forward to the K-3II successor now that it seems to be in the planning. I'm very curious as to what features Pentax would add that could convince me to upgrade from my K-3II's...


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