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Re: Website theme choice and design considerations advice please

Dweeble wrote:

Hi. I'm just starting out, focused exclusively on equine photography. Brave I know, but I think my background in and understanding of horses and their owners might give me an edge. Or an in, at any rate!

Clearly a website is kinda important.

I'm totally un-techy, but having been stuffed by website designers in the past want at least to be as well informed as possible or even do it myself.

Am told Wordpress and Linux is the way to go. Any comments?

And what would be amazing would be pointers to a theme which has worked for others. I'm browsing the Wordpress catalogue and my brain is being fried by the choice.

My current thoughts on what I should have:

Clean and light design

Ability for clients to access their images with a password

A blog, really a series of short articles

Don't think I need e-commerce, I'm not planning on selling stock images.

Ideas advice do's and don'ts MUCH appreciated. Thanks!

I was going to respond as my first clients were horses but realized our needs were opposite.

My site is incredibly basic   and simply offers portfolio images.  Self maintained and no active host.

If there is a theme it is that the images speak for themselves. Grey dark grey  gallery style background.

I do not offer customer access to anything -  no business takes place.

I do not blog as I find it self indulgent and a bit pompous. If I can't resist a journey through the past I do it on FB since those people were the participants anyways. They understand. They were there.

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