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The snapshotting mechanism on EXT4 (QNAPs internal Filesystem) is not particularly space efficient, so I seriously doubt 5% will cut it for you unless you only intend to keep 3-7 days worth of snapshots. It all really depends on how much you change data and so on, but since your QNAP will also have some of it’s data on the volume being snapshotted, there is a noticable changerate in data - causing the snapshots to take up more space than expected. I have set up a reservation for 10% and that should be a much better target for you.

EXT4 is a journaling filesystem with rollback capability. In other words, you can undelete a file for some period of time.

Does the QNAP have any interface to emply this capability?

Yes it does, but obviuosly that “recycle bin” feature is not released accross snapshots. So if there is changeing data, the snapshots will grow regardless of me emptying the recycle bin.

To be honest I haven’t investigated what “culprit” is changeing data on my NAS at a rate that makes my snapshots take up around 7% (a weeks worth). I know it’s no me, so it the NAS itself and what it does on it’s reserved space within my volume/filesystem.

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