VCL-HGD1758 or VCL-HG1758

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Re: VCL-HGD1758 or VCL-HG1758 or VCL-DH1758?

sybersitizen wrote:

OutsideTheMatrix wrote:

I already have a collection of scopes, I just want the right superzoom set up for quick grab and go imaging of the moon and planets (and for birding) ...

I found this: that's a nice shot of Saturn with the DH1758 dont you think?

Nice is a relative term. It is recognizable as Saturn, which is an accomplishment ... but it's actually not much more than a blob.

And my HS50 has a larger zoom (1000mm vs 720mm) and more MP (16 vs 10), so it should do better on Saturn?

I guess. Maybe.

I also found this comparison of the HGD vs other non Sony lenses and specs for it- it is the heaviest by far with a 90mm objective! Would this much larger lens be brighter than the DH and better for resolving the bands on Jupiter and Saturn?

I would think you'd have to go to your collection of scopes if you really want to resolve bands on Jupiter and Saturn, and leave the superzoom for easy shots of the moon and terrestrial stuff like birding ... in which case you ought to be just fine with no TC at all.

Yep that would save the agonizing over whether the DH or HGD version is better.  I think it turns out the HGD is better anyway, it should be with a 90mm objective and weighing 20 oz!  But with that much heft at the end of a long lens, a tripod would be required, in which case a scope is more convenient to use anyway.

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