At what events / occasions did you shoot the most images?

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Re: At what events / occasions did you shoot the most images?

Mark_A wrote:

I know some of you are just sprayers and prayers just teasing, but at what events did you shoot the most images.

Just trying to get an idea of what people feel is a lot because I expect we will have different feelings on this topic.

For me at everyday subjects I normally shoot between 30-90 and when reviewing them am happy if I get one proper special keeper.

On the higher side I went to a motor sports event and shot 400. At least 400 is all I have left, perhaps I shot more and deleted a load I can't remember. Anyhow 400 is my top so far.

What about you? where how many and why?


I was kind of asking myself a similar related question. Should I shoot more, or less? I was having this feeling that if I shoot too little, I miss lots of opportunities and never am ready at the best times; like becoming shy. If I shoot too much, then I have so many pictures. So the interview with a fashion desirner here in DPR a few months ago stated the obvious: delete like a maniac! I realized I wasn't. And then, after months a light popped up in my head: I am trying to please others, cover some memories for others, and also try to get some shots that are more than the moment; special and an select. So the solution wasn't easy to think but obvious afterwards:


2) Don't be shy of AF-C

3) Don't worry if it's bad

4) Do relentless hyper fast culling, maybe go about the images and only keep the best that might relate to something

5) Select all the snapshots (all those that I wouldn't keep except for ...OTHERS or that others may value

6) Export all to jpg without much post processing, only what they want: resize 1/4, sharpen 200 0.5, vibrnce 5%, etc. No cropping, no nothing else. Only NR when necesary. Something that takes 15 minutes at most.

7) batch export all those to a jpg folder and share it

8) Go back and delete all these RAWS forever

9) Start the KEEPER process

a) If in doubt, delete

b) If blurry even if useful resized but still blurry, delete

c) if similar to another, decide which one, and the other DELETE

d) if nice but unclean (someone crossed behind and is distracting a bit DELETE.

e) If it's awesome but something stands out as itching my back, DELETE

f) If it has nothing special, just looks good, DELETE

g) f the color looks dull, DELETE

h) If there are distracting cables, etc. and are not part of the feature, DELETE

i) If for whatever reason, a series of photos seems to want to many in a series that are small variants make it hard to delete any, keep all for now and move on. Come back later.

j) If it was a quite a good shot but very compromised, like an Aquarium and dirty glass, DELETE

k) Find any additional reason to DELETE and see what else you can DELETE.

l) Count. If not a paid work, and you still have 50 pictures, continue to DELETE. Which one is less interesting? DELETE IT.

J) Also, even if it's the only photo of something, a landmark, a person, and it's the best. If it's not great DELETE. DELEEEETE (this part is hard).

10) Then move all those to a keepers folders. Don't worry if you can process them right now. You are done for the day.

I say this in second partson ("you") but of course this is how I write it. I found out that the more DELETE thinking WHY I need to delete it, I learn something. I learn NOTHING from not deleting. Finding a reason to keep a photo is very easy. Since I had created lower res jpg verions of all snapshots or pics that may interest someone else, what's left is only what I want and to be keep for no other reason.

Back to the topic: this way, I can shoot happily. I found I needed very fast culling. I use FatRawViewer. I learned all the keyboard shortcuts. After I am done with all the a to j deleting, I will still do some additional deleting in RawTherapy.

So at first, aim for quanity, and in culling aim for cuality. If you are thinking more than 10 seconds if a photo should be keeper, move to the next or, ideally, just delete it. DELETE. Try to think and state in loud voice, "I am deleting it because ..."

The more I shoot and the more I delete,  the faster I learn about why I delete, and the more I DELETE MENTALY NEXT TIME before shooting. So as you go about this ...

It doesn't matter how many photos you take. I think it's the wrong metric to focus on. I think it's most important to accept most photos should be shared, separate from your own process, and for you, most important, is to be very picky...very few pictures should remain after culling. Maybe 9 out of 10 should be deleted. and the idea is to increase the quality threshold, and see if you can increase the number of keepers.

Basically: shot with confidence. The times I did this I got the best of it. On a performing arts show, the photographer failed to show up and someone picked me from the audience and asked me to cover it and begged me. I did about 3500 shots. And in a birthday party I may shoot 200 to 300. But in reality, I think I could do 500 to 100, share 40, and keep 10 to 4.

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