At what events / occasions did you shoot the most images?

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Mark_A wrote:

TacticDesigns wrote:

I volunteered at our local gymnastics competition.

We tried to get pictures of as many of the club's athletes as possible to include in the yearbook or year-end video.

The thing with a competition is, it doesn't happen again. Sure, there is next year's competition, but . . . each competition (and thus each athletes performance) only happens once. And you don't know if the athlete's first jump is going to be their best jump or whether its the last jump. So . . . I just shot all their jumps and poses.

150 athletes * 3 apparatus (I didn't really shoot the vault) * at least 10 shots per apparatus = 4,500 shots in a weekend.

That is a lot of images, what is your workflow in post?

It is actually pretty quick.

I shoot JPG in order to get more shots in the buffer, so I aim to have as close to SOOC images as possible. Not completely possible because I am shooting manual exposure and the flicker of the lights is picked up by the high shutter speed. And the uneven spread of lights on the apparatus / floor means there is going to be slight variation throughout a routine.

While I am waiting for the next athlete(s) to compete, I preview the images on the back of my camera and "write-protect" the "keepers". That way my "keepers" are already selected before I get home.

At the end of the day, I back-up all the images, but only load the "keepers" (write-protected images) into Lightroom.

While importing into Lightroom I have Lightroom rename the file so the date+time is put at the beginning of the filename. That way, down the line, if I need to know which competition a photo was taken at, I just need to look at the date. And if shooting with two or more cameras, it puts all the images from all the cameras in chronological order.

Once in Lightroom, I might also use Lightroom to add the name of the event to the end of the filename. And additionally, if applicable, the team name.

In Lightroom, I mark the ones I think we'll use in either the yearbook or year-end video as a "4" and quickly edit them for colour balance and overall brightness.

Lately I've been cleaning up a bunch of shots a day or two after the event for my wife to upload to the club's Facebook page.

It took me a few years to realize the "write-protect" thing . . . and also realizing how powerful and useful the Lightroom file rename function was to keeping things organized.

Take care & Happy Shooting!

EDIT: That's actually the keepers. Triple that for number of shots taken. For poses, I would fire off 3 shots because with a moving athlete, you can't be quite sure how they are going to shift their balance on their feet. And I find . . . if I fire off 3 shots, I get 3 completely different poses. Because this is happening in a fraction of a second, anticipating the athletes shift in balance is almost impossible. Better to fire off 3 shots and keep the best.

Take care & Happy Shooting


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