Sling type camera strap?

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Re: Sling type camera strap?

IainD wrote:

GMasterPro wrote:

IainD wrote:

vwcrusher wrote:

Thanks for the posts, guys.

It seems like I have a couple of options that I will need to research.

In looking at the Slide Light video it seems that there are multiple options for how to carry. I just wonder if is to high on the torso, where it will bounce......

While the Retro almost seems to complex, according to the video.....

Any other comments or tips would be great.....

i used BlackRapid for years and they are comfortable but I heard of accidental dropping and started looking. I am now using Magpul QD slings with Really Right Stuff camera baseplates and lens feet. They work well for me


Hi Iain

I just ordered the same combo but couldn’t find any picks online of how it looks like on shoulder.

Currently I’m using a peak design wrist strap not clutch on my a7–iii even with a heavy lens like the 135 GM.

Now I’ve just ordered the Magpul MS4 sling Gen4 with the QD plate from RRS.

Could you let me know the reasons of why did you choose such a combo and how does it experience with long hours of walking around with a heavy setup.

So far I have not had a chance to put in the hours! Work and bad know!

I read about the breakages from BR but I have had no personal BR accidents, but several people have had them break. Also, they are not super convenient for tripod use.

There are Arca-Swiss compatible BR plates available that have a D-ring built-in so it's just a matter of unclipping the strap.  There are also  attachments for Manfrotto RC2 plates that replace the existing screw with one that has a D-ring.


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