Sling type camera strap?

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Re: Sling type camera strap?

IainD wrote:

vwcrusher wrote:

Thanks for the posts, guys.

It seems like I have a couple of options that I will need to research.

In looking at the Slide Light video it seems that there are multiple options for how to carry. I just wonder if is to high on the torso, where it will bounce......

While the Retro almost seems to complex, according to the video.....

Any other comments or tips would be great.....

i used BlackRapid for years and they are comfortable but I heard of accidental dropping and started looking.

I've always "heard about" these accidental droppings, but there doesn't seem to be much to them.  The provided carabiner is on a free swivel attachment, so it's not possible for it to loosen the lug from the camera or tripod foot.  It's not difficult at all to tighten the lug.  I've been using BR straps for many years and have never experienced a lug (or tripod plate with a D-ring) coming loose.


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