70-200 E FL vs 200/4 Ai-s

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70-200 E FL vs 200/4 Ai-s

Hi everyone,

I had some time and I had top modern zoom and an old prime. Wanted to see how did the development of glass go for 40 years.

I know it is apples vs oranges, don't want to start polemics Just out of curiosity!!!

What is my subjective opinion after the test shots- regarding sharpness, 70-200 E FL is SLIGHTLY better that the excellent old prime. So if you got the old lens and don't need AF, you've got an awesome lens, lightweight, cheap and portable. I really enjoy using it from portraits to landscapes and panoramas.

And like everyone knows, the 3rd gen 70-200/2.8 is amazing, and Nikon did put some tech worth 2600$ more than the old lens.

Center crop 1000x1000 px

Here is the link with 100% crops, also a comparison slider if anyone wants to see all crops.


Nothing scientific, just a feedback on my curiosity. I am sure 200/2 VR II will blow them both out of the water (unfortunatelly I don't have access to one for test).

If you have some suggestions I will be happy to check them.

Smile and keep shooting!

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