90D. Well that’s disappointing for us 7D2 users

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So specs don’t seem to show dual cards or dual DIGIC, so the 90D isnt any sort of 7D2/80D compromise. It’s just an updated 80D.

I’m a Canon fan, but I really think they made a mistake dumping the 7D range.

But at least Canon just saved me $1500 as I won’t be buying a 90D anytime soon.

I agree it's a mistake. I've been rocking my old Rebel T2i for several years waiting on the 7D3 or perhaps the 6D2 (disappointed). Thought this might be it. Doesn't look like it'll get the dual card slots, top tier weather sealing, cramming more pixels on what seems to be the same sensor will result in poor low light (important for me).
I guess it'll be time to relegate the T2i to backup duty and go Z6, or Sony A7R3 (assuming it comes down a bit with the R4 announcement).

My Nikon-shooting wife loves her Z6. She also uses D500 and D850 cameras, but she appreciates the smaller form factor of the Z5, and its excellent 24-70mm f/4 kit zoom. She has decades of very serious photography experience.

Neither of use like Sony ergonomics, controls, or menus. My bridge camera, prior to starting DSLR shooting, was a Sony DSC-H20, so my Sony menu experience is based upon actual usage. The menu of my starter DSLR, the XTi, was a breath of fresh air. (I quickly upgraded to a 40D, then a 7D, for the handling qualities and adult-sized controls.)

I immediately embraced the better low-light performance of the 7D II, in 2014, but also started adding pre-owned Nikon FX cameras, the same year. (It made sense, as I and my wife could share Nikon lenses and Speedlights.) Canon remained my “primary” system, however, being so much better, overall, than Nikon, for my evidentiary/forensic/crime scene photography. (Best, weather-sealed Speedlites, best macro ring flash for street.field use, best macro lens, cameras’ ability to detect and sync with flickering light sources.)

In early 2018, after retirement, I bought a new Nikon D5, with money from a cheque for my unused “comp” time, which might have resulted in my shifting to Nikon, for birds/wildlife, but a severe XQD card shortage, with Spring Migration imminent, prompted me to add a Canon 5D Mark IV, which could use my ample supply of CF and SD cards.

Well, Nikon D5 AF is amazing, but the 5D IV AF does amazingly well, too, with wonderful L lenses, such as my EF 100-400L II IS. A 7D III would be worth adding, for me, if it could improve, even incrementally, upon the 5D IV’s AF.

Cool story and experience, thank you for sharing!
My next system will likely be the one I invest some serious $ in.  My wife is starting to get into it and using the T2i.  She's got a great eye and could do it professionally (I'm not that good).  I'm not sure she'll go that path but it would be pretty cool if she did.

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