In anticipating the incoming M6mkII, how mkI holds up till now for me

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Re: In anticipating the incoming M6mkII, how mkI holds up till now for me

noisephotographer wrote:

Craig Smith wrote:

(Look for the original M6 to be on sale this holiday season.)

I wouldn't recommend that unless you never use P mode + Auto Iso. The M6 has a serious issue in P mode + Auto Iso, but nobody in this forum is talking about that (I guess most users here are very biased or don't test cameras accurately): In P mode + Auto Iso the M6 will often choose 1/250s, even with the stabilized 15-45mm at 15mm in low-light conditions. Then you will capture even less light in low-light conditions than very old(!) smartphone cameras.

It seems that this happens when the camera detects that it is moving, but even very small normal(!) movements can cause 1/250s at high Isos. I can reproduce this immediately with M5, M6 and M100 cameras. Whenever I go to a camera store, I can reproduce it immediately, so I could show it to a Canon employee, who confirmed the issue.

The 70D has the same issue. I will upgrade it for its poor auto ISO implementation alone. Not sure yet if i will get an 80D, 90D or 7DmkII as a replacement.

This was one of the main reasons (apart from the unusable(!) low-light autofocus when using slow lenses without using the autofocus light) why I sent the M6 back. The M50 (or Canon DSLRs) don't have this issue. It's a shame that Canon doesn't fix this issue.

But the M50 has a very inconsistent autofocus when you want to focus on small objects, nearly unusable. I didn't test this with the M6, so it's possible that the M6 is better in this regard.

Using object/face tracking with very small parts of the frame with subjects far away is a problem. Single point AF might give better results. If it is an part of the frame just as small, but the object isn't so far away there are no issues.  For my type of shooting it is almost never a problem, but i have run into these situations, so i can confirm the issue.

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