200-500 and 200-400 moving forward, e.g., Z.

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Re: 200-500 and 200-400 moving forward, e.g., Z.

olindacat wrote:

owlseye wrote:

I am a biology teacher and the owl in the test is a mounted owl for educational purposes (in other words... dead). It is a perfect subject for assessing sharpness.

Oh. I didn't notice that. It looked like a pleasant, satisfied little creature. Must have died happy

Oh... and thanks for all of the nice comments about my site... I did a thorough comparison of the two lenses while in Florida in 2015... here is that blog post: http://btleventhal.com/bruceleventhal/2016/3/23/the-6200-question

I have to say... Tamy is one heck of a good photographer! (You too

The review is nice, thanks. In it, you mention "to approach the magnification of the less expensive zoom" you deployed TC-1.4E. Was that combo used in the examples Burrowing Owl, and Osprey Nest Building 200-400 shots? (The captions do not say what focal length they images were shot at.)

I think you misunderstood what I wrote... I did not use the TC14E with the 200-400. I was just making a blanket statement about how the 200-500 offers an additional 100mm. To get this addition 100mm, I'd have to add a converter to the 200-400. While I have not done a test, I am pretty confident that the 200-500 would be better at 500mm and f/5.6 than would the 200-400 be w/ a converter (480mm @ f/5.6). In contrast, the 200-400 will be better than the 200-500 when restricting your use to 200mm through 400mm.

Also, if you had the TC-1.4E coupled with the 200-400, and she had that 200-500 on the DX body, isn't her focal length 1.5*200-500? Is that the idea behind the TC? Did she keep her focal length in your relative region?

Tamy's images are uncrossed (other than for leveling). She was using a D7100 at the time (now uses a D500) and I was using a D4... her camera has more pixels and a crop,... as such,  I had to crop my images to 10MP files or so to get the same perspective as she did.

One more: I feel $500 is not much of a premium to pay for the 200-400, over what I can get the 200-500 for. If I shoot the 200-400 in crop mode on my D810, or snag a D7500, will I lose sharpness with this lens in crop mode with the D810, or the natural crop of the 7500?

Either the D7200 or D7500 would be a nice way to get the most out of either lens. Both bodies are very nice with good AF. As I said previously, we both use D500's for our wildlife work... this camera is a nice match to either lens as well. In some ways, you might enjoy using a D500 w/ the 200-500mm f/5.6 more than the D7500 w/ a 200-400VR... not sure

Thanks for all of your input, Bruce. Most helpful to me. I am still completely lost ha ha.

Sorry about that... I hesitate to say that one is superior to the other because both can produce amazing images... more often than not, the lens has a lot less to do with the quality of an image than does the light and subject.

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