HDR TVs/monitors that support Sony's 8 bit HLG?

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But HLG is video spec, not display/monitor spec. Sure there are video players on Windows that support HLG?

The state of HDR output in Windows is pretty pathetic... And I'm not sure if there are any video players that play nice with Windows' fairly limited HDR support.

HLG video is designed so that if it is fed to a non-HDR display subsystem, it'll look "OK" - non-HDR-aware players ignore the ATC SEI metadata and treat the video as Rec. 709.

This doesn't work THAT well compared to a more robust tonemapping approach because ideally if you target HLG you are recording in the Rec. 2020 colorspace, and the fallback doesn't handle this aspect of HLG.

Another way of saying it is - on nearly all Windows players, HLG will behave in the same manner as feeding 8-bit H.264 HLG to most TVs (it'll be played back as if it were a standard SDR video)

I thought that was not true for HDR TVs. My impression, and I could be wrong here, is that the files simply will not even play on a non-Sony HDR TV unless it's 10 bit HLG.

So does this mean 8 bit HLG is actually playable on any current Windows machine, even if the desktop lacks the specs for HDR and the monitor is a regular SDR monitor? I could actually be ok with that result. It's not perfect in that it won't render as HLG, but at least the video will be playable.

you can watch it on every tv with apple TV or Shield TV or TV itself but the color are washed out not triggering HLG HDR.

Only Oppo players and some TV can play it as HLG HDR.

Playing it on PC with HDR monitor doesn't do the trick.. there are only 1 or 2 monitors that can show HLG.

Therefor People often use the HLG mode on their cameras to get more Dynamic Range out of the recordings and use Rec709 instead of Rec2020 and you have little more room for editing.

Editing HLG for HLG as endresult is very difficult when you can't see correct colors because you don't have a monitor that can show HLG.... the only way is to connect it to your HLG TV and try Davinci resolve t o edit (the only one that supports HLG).

If you can dial in the settings you like in the HLG picture profile and you are fine with colors  you just use Davinci Resolve to join the clips and do your transitions and text layers  etc. and then export it as HLG Rec.2020, reencode it with handbrake to the bitrate you want with h264 or h265

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